Friday, September 11, 2015



I ordered a dehumidifier through them on Aug 25th
Order # A87984976

I received the unit Sept 3rd (9days after ordering). There was a piece that wasn't working so I checked my confirmation email (for the first time) to get the number to call them. Low and behold I was charged $456 for overnight shipping.

There are two issues with this:

1. I received the unit 9DAYS after my order from ACWHOLESALERS. Not the next day. Their website advertises that the item will be shipped "within 1-2 business days". 

2. I went through the order form THREE times because it kept adding the overnight shipping. I did not want the overnight shipping. As a matter of fact, I chose them because of the advertised FREE shipping.
I have a screenshot that shows where my order from ACWHOLSALERS was prior to hitting submit in case it tried to do it a 3rd time. This last time appeared to be clear. Apparently it wasn't. The most frustrating part is that it would not allow me to uncheck the shipping box. I had to go through the entire process each time. 

I called the number and was denied a refund. However they want to spin it:

1. I did not want or care to have overnight shipping and it took me 30 minutes longer than I would care to be on their website trying to order it WITHOUT paying for shipping. I had to fill out the entire form 3x because it would not let me uncheck the shipping charge.
2. Let's just say that I am trying to pull a fast one on them and am lying. IT STILL TOOK 9 DAYS TO GET HERE. Therefore I paid for "overnight shipping" but instead received 9 day shipping.

After further investigation, the do not have a good record with the BBB. Although they are not accredited (for good reason), they have 72 complaints filed and an F rating!


The three emails that I've been using to contact them are

The generic customer service email is